Sushma Shetty

Sushma has come a long way… from fashion designer to running her own venture, to EA to Dominic, Director, to CEO – HTI International FZE. But then Dominic’s not easy to work with (did we say that?). So Sushma holds the record for maximum resignations via WhatsApp, email, SMS and verbally.
She trains for Air India, Air India Express, Zodiac and top restaurants with style and ease. Now tasked with building brand HTI in UAE, she aims to dominate (that’s her nature) the hospitality and service training segment. Just a few months in UAE and already – Grub Shack Restaurant, Power House Entertainment, India Club, Ascot Hotel, Stadium Bar. Grill. Sheesha… Fashionable, friendly, feisty, professional and determined… even if none can – she surely will!

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